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Change begins with a therapeutic conversation

During my career, I have learned that there is something special about the therapeutic conversation that takes place in counselling. It's different than the sort of conversation you might have with a friend or a loved one because it focuses on just one thing: you.

Having an empathic listener to guide you through a therapeutic conversation is one of the recognized ways of developing greater self-awareness. With that understanding comes a greater ability to meet challenges, solve problems, and achieve a more satisfying life.

I focus on solutions. That involves clients being active participants in their own therapy, which includes practising the new skills and awareness in daily life.

While counselling is sometimes called "talk therapy" it is what you do, and the actions you take after the therapy sessions, that will lead to lasting change.

Beginning a therapeutic relationship

Finding the people you click-with isn't always easy. We know that when it comes to romantic partners and business partners, but it's also true of finding a counsellor.

Most clients who have successful outcomes report feeling very comfortable with their therapists. So it makes sense to interview a few counsellors to find your ideal match. Any trained therapist can work with you, but you can't always work with every one of us.


With that in mind, I offer a free phone consultation to see if a therapeutic conversation might help you.  

Vancouver counsellor, Marion Gargiulo. RCC empathic listening, greater self-awareness for solutions
Free phone consultation, finding a successful match with a therapist
North Vancouver registered clinical counsellor Marion Gargiulo


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